The Difference Between Pickleball and Tennis Courts

When comparing a pickleball and tennis court, there are several differences. The balls are smaller and the serve is underhand rather than backhand, similar to bowling. Additionally, there is no volley zone on a pickleball court.

This article will also go over the size of the pickleball court versus that of a tennis court. If you’re curious about the differences between these two sports, read on to learn more!

No-volley zone on Pickleball Court

The Difference Between Pickleball and Tennis Courts

A no-volley zone is a part of the pickleball court where players cannot hit the ball without first bouncing it. The zone is also known as the kitchen.

Beginners often get the wrong idea about the non-volley zone. It actually includes the three-dimensional space above the court, the kitchen area, and the line that stretches to the sidelines.

Whenever the ball is hit out of the air before it bounces, it is considered a “volley.”

Serves are Underhand vs. Backhand in Tennis

The first thing to learn about serves is that they differ dramatically in speed. The first serve is delivered at a high velocity, while the second is delivered at a slower speed. It is important to relax your muscles and hit the ball as accurately as possible to receive a successful serve.

Using your dominant leg to lift the ball during the serve will give you the best chance of winning. The next two serves are executed with a slightly slower speed.

The serve is one of the most difficult shots in the game, but when performed correctly, it can give a player an incredible advantage.

When performed correctly, it allows a player to control the timing and execution of a shot, unlike every other shot. It can even be used to drag an opponent off the court and make them react by returning the ball with a weak shot.

Once mastered, you will be able to use the serve effectively to win points and dominate the game.

Pickleball Balls are Similar to Bowling a Ball

You might be wondering if pickleball balls are like tennis balls. Well, they are a little different. Tennis balls are round, usually yellow, and covered with a felt-like material.

Pickleball balls are smaller, generally three inches in diameter, and made of plastic. They don’t have a particular color requirement, and the holes are drilled only after the plastic has cooled.

A pickleball’s bounce is much lower than a tennis ball, and it is also larger and softer, making it easier to hit with power.

Pickleballs also fly slower, making them easier to track and less likely to go out of bounds.

The complexity of Pickleball Compared to Tennis

Although tennis and pickleball are both incredibly addictive, tennis can be more difficult than pickleball because the surface is smaller and the ball is slower.

The smaller court makes shot placement more important than ever. Power hitting is not always enough to win a point in pickleball because you have to hit angled shots.

You must also be skilled with the net game. Fortunately, you don’t have to be as physically fit to win at pickleball.

The court itself is the same size as a tennis court, and the rules are similar. The ball is smaller and has a much slower bounce than tennis.

The courts are often used by communities to make their courts multi-purpose. In some communities, courts are being converted into pickleball courts and are being built to have multiple uses.

The court is 20′ wide and 44′ long, and it is primarily played with doubles.