Can You Go Around the Net in Pickleball?

You’ve probably heard of players hitting a ball around the net in pickleball, but what exactly is it? And what are the rules regarding this?

This article will discuss the rules of hitting a ball around the net, types of shots, fouls, and limitations of hitting a ball around the net.

Read on to find out if this type of shot is allowed in pickleball. In addition, you’ll find some helpful tips.

Rules for Hitting a Ball Around the Net in Pickleball

Can You Go Around the Net in Pickleball

If you’re wondering how to return a pickleball, there are specific rules that must be followed.

The first is that the ball may not touch the net post while it is traveling across it. You may return the ball around the net without it touching the net post.

The next is to make sure that the return shot isn’t too high. You can see that pickleball is very similar to other racquet sports. Many people assume that the rules for hitting a ball around the net are similar to those of tennis or ping pong.

But, this is not entirely true. The official pickleball Rules clearly outline the types of shots that are legal and illegal. Among these is the around-the-net shot.

Types of Shots

A second type of shot to go around the net in pickleball is a soft landing that forces your opponent to either drive the ball or dink it.

The third type of shot is the dink fake. This shot is brutal if done correctly, but is a great way to sneak up on your opponent. You should be aware of the rules to play this shot successfully.

The serve is the most common shot in pickleball. It’s a shot that starts a point, but it’s not a volley or groundstroke.


In pickleball, a foul can occur when a ball hits the net, and the opponent must lose the rally. The rule for a foul is that a “foul” occurs if the opponent causes the pickleball to be in the Non-Volley Zone before the ball hit the net.

This is called a “first fault” because it occurred before the pickleball touched the net.

When going around the net, players must contact the ball only with their paddles. The ball must make contact with both hands below the wrist.

Any contact with the body or shoes of the other player’s opponent’s team is a foul. However, it is illegal to make contact with any part of the court or its net system, so it is a good idea to wear a protective covering.

The sideline is the lateral border of the pickleball court. The sideline divides the playing zone from the out-of-bounds area.

A player can’t step inside this area, and if they do, they’ll be called for a foul. It is important to understand how the net works in Pickleball, as the sideline is the most critical part of the court.

Limitations on Shots Around the Net

You may have heard of limitations on shots around the net in pickleball, but you may not be sure what they are. Unlike volleyball and ping pong, the rules for pickleball specifically prohibit certain types of shots around the net.

Using the horizontal bar is the most common shot around the net in pickleball. However, hitting the net with a live ball can result in a fault.

Live balls that hit the net and lodge between the horizontal bar and the net will be replayed. This can make for a very frustrating game.

To prevent this, players should consider using a pickleball net that doesn’t have a horizontal bar.