Are Pickleball Rules the Same As Tennis? (Explained)

Are pickleball rules the same as tennis? The game is a hybrid of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, played at the kitchen line. It is easier to play and more social than tennis. There are some similarities between tennis and pickleball, including the rules of serving and losing points. The other differences are minor, and a quick review will help you start playing this fun sport.

Pickleball is a Mashup of Tennis, Badminton, and Ping-pong

Are Pickleball Rules the Same As Tennis

While most sports are dominated by men, the game of pickleball has a female contingent.

In fact, its popularity has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Women love the game because it gives them a chance to play while keeping fit.

It was first created 50 years ago in Bainbridge Island, Washington by two dads who were bored after playing a round of golf.

They scrounged around their garage to find some pieces of ping-pong, tennis, and badminton that they could use for a new game.

A common mistake beginner pickleball players make is standing too close to the baseline and serving underhanded.

Instead, they should back up at least a couple of feet from the baseline. Also, when serving the ball, do not try to hit it above your belly button. This can lead to the ball getting jammed.

You should back up to a distance of about two feet behind the baseline.

It is Played at the Kitchen Line

The game is similar to tennis but is played at the kitchen line. Players hit the ball with a ball-handling stroke. Groundstrokes, called “dinks,” are also used.

These shots are typically hit into the kitchen line and take time to bounce back to the player.

Because the pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court, winners are harder to come by. As a result, players often play long, “dinking” exchanges.

The kitchen line is a crucial part of pickleball. No other racquet sport has a kitchen line.

A beginner may be intimidated by standing at the kitchen line, where opponents can hit them at their feet. While standing at the kitchen line may feel like playing in the line of fire, it’s important to keep calm and make calculated strokes.

This will increase your control and help you win matches.

It is More Easily Controlled than Tennis

In a racquetball or tennis match, it is easy for strong player to overpower their opponents. A pickleball ball bounces lower and does not travel as quickly.

Because of this, it requires players to learn how to use soft shots and wait for the right moment to attack.

Pickleball is far easier to control and is more fun to play than either tennis or racquetball.

Just like tennis, pickleball is played by taking turns serving the ball. But unlike tennis, a pickleball player must serve the ball underhand, with the point of contact being just below the hip.

A game ends when the first team reaches 11 points, and a tie is never a result.

Pickleball has rules to help players learn the sport, and outlines the guidelines for winning a match. The five rules, or “The Five Rules,” are the fundamentals of the game.

It Is a Social Game

Like tennis, pickleball is a team sport. The first person on a team serves the other team points until one of them makes a fault. If this happens, the serve is re-served and goes to the return team. In singles pickleball, the second team serves.

When a team wins a rally, it earns a point, and the next team gets its turn. There are no “lets” on serve; if the ball goes in, it is live; otherwise, it is lost.

People who play pickleball often cite their enjoyment of the sociability of the game. Because pickleball courts are smaller than most tennis courts, players have a lot of opportunities to interact with each other.

Playing with a stranger can strengthen relationships, and pickleball is a great sport for families and couples.