Are Badminton and Pickleball Courts the Same?

Are badminton and pickleball courts basically the same? Yes, they are very similar, as the games play on a court that is about the same size. The most noticeable differences between the two sports are the distance between the nets, the size of the court, and the shuttlecocks used.

Below we will briefly examine the differences between the two sports, and how they differ.

Distance between nets

Are Badminton and Pickleball Courts the Same

The distance between nets on a badminton and pickleball court is approximately 22 feet. There is a 7-foot non-volley zone line in front of the net. In this area, a serve must land over the net to be deemed successful. The net itself is approximately 15′ x 20′. A service box is located seven feet away from the net.

The distance between the nets on a badminton or pickleball court depends on the size and location of the court. Generally, a badminton court is more than twice as wide as a pickleball court.

However, the distance between pickleball courts is less than half as wide as a tennis court. The distance between the nets on a pickleball court depends on the number of players and the number of nets, as well as the size of the court.

Size of court

A badminton and pickleball court is roughly equivalent in size. Each court is 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. The nets for both games are 36 inches high on each side and 34 inches tall in the center.

Pickleball courts also look similar to a tennis court. The court is striped with right and left-hand service courts, and there is a seven-foot zone not used for volleys.

The sizes of badminton and pickleball court dimensions are the same. The service line for badminton courts is six feet from the center net, while the non-volley zone for pickleball is seven feet from the net.

Although they use the same court size, pickleball rules are a little different. While playing pickleball on a badminton court is acceptable if you’re using it for fun, you need to mark the non-volley lines.

In order to play the official game, you’ll need a proper pickleball court.

Similarity to tennis

A good starting point for comparing the two games is their size. Both badminton and pickleball require a 20-foot-long court.

The nets for each sport measure three feet long and thirty-four inches wide, with two non-volley zones that are seven feet long.

The baseline to the side of the court is fifteen feet. In contrast, a tennis court is 78 feet long, but it may vary depending on the game played.

Badminton and pickleball share many aspects, such as a court size, rules and equipment. Both utilize a paddle to hit the ball and are played on courts similar to those used for tennis.

Players use the same court dimensions and equipment, including tennis shoes, but they use different paddles and balls. Unlike tennis, pickleball also requires a hard, plastic ball. The rules of both games are similar, but the scoring system differs slightly.

Rules of the game

There are some significant differences between badminton and pickleball courts. Badminton courts are taller than pickleball courts, at over five feet.

Badminton games also feature rally scoring, with each rally worth one point. Games in badminton are typically played to 21 points; in pickleball, games end when one team scores 11 points.

In addition, there are some important terms and phrases to know when playing pickleball. First of all, the term “clip shot” refers to a powerful shot that clips over the net and goes over the other side of the court.

This shot changes the ball’s speed and direction, making it difficult to return. Therefore, if you play pickleball, you should learn the rules of clip shots.